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        Russia isn’t like Italy, Japan, Columbia, Mexico, etc., as those  countries are constitutionally based and their governments know that  organized crime is a minor segment of their economies.  In Russia,  with crime being tacitly legal, the international activities of its mafias  are carefully and deliberately co-joined with those of its international  businesses and those of its government foreign service.  This began  with crime being exported significantly in 1991. Things began slowly  with car theft (mostly Berlin) but then spread rapidly behind the skirts  of prostitution;  the Communist Party had about 700,000 ladies  working full time in the service of (a percentage of) over 10,000,000  male members, and suddenly they had nothing to do.  Following  prostitution world-wide came all of the other regular criminal  behaviors, as Russians take to crime with the same instinctive  mentality.  For example, Russia is the #2 destination for cars stolen in  Los Angeles and is gaining on Mexico.  It would be very difficult to  calculate the value of Russian criminal activity outside the country,  mainly because very little of the income returns to Russia.  As with all  financial analyses, the numbers are hard to pin down.  The main  thing to keep in mind, to repeat, is that mafias, Russian businesses  working overseas, and the foreign service are all working together to  abet criminal behavior.   The best example of this is the fully  comprehensive relationship between Russia and Italy.