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Russia for Westerners
Everyone knows about Iraq and the subject of WMD’s.  But very few really know about where they might have come from originally,  and what might have happened to them.  Russians have a very clear view on these subjects. This site will help people to understand Russia better.  It is intended for the general reading public and  isn’t concerned with intellectual depth and detail.  Everything will be presented simply and will reflect a  general pursuit of moderate truth without being absolutist.  This is important since it is a big country with so  much history---there is so much vital information related to so many important subjects, all of which have  connectivity and relevance---understanding at least SOMETHING about most or all of these ideas  is  vital  because they all have had an influence on what Russia is and how its people are today.  Always keep in  mind that human strength and guile, and not formal laws, are paramount.  Also, whenever considering  anything at this site, always realize that the national symbol of Russia is NOT the bear.  It is really the wolf.  But before we begin, it must be understood that generally, Russians do not like being analyzed by  non-Russians.  Also, Russians do not want to be understood by foreigners.  Any foreign attempts to analyse, interpret, or worst of all, judge, will result in their taking immediate actions to anger, to confuse, or to  disorient/distract foreign attention from any particular desired focus. Most Russians will say that only Russians themselves understand Russia and its people, and that  foreigners are naïve.  Interestingly, they consider themselves to be experts on the outside world.  Always keep  this sort of contrast-mindset in mind.  It’s easy to suggest that such attitudes would tend to reflect a desire to  hide and conceal.  Indeed, this is the case, yet what are being hidden are always simple truths, simple realities.   One such is that Russians are very good people who want their relatively simple lives to appear complex.   The reasons for these things will be developed in different sections of this site.  Out of respect for these  views, consider this site material to be by and for mentalities from agriculturally/animal husbandry-evolved  cultures.  The main goal of this site is to improve composite perceptions of Russia, particularly when its leaders  speak to the international media, and to encourage more people to watch Russia more often, armed with these heightened perceptions.
yesterday & today There is more to Russia than meets the eye.  Let’s take a closer look at what is is now, Russia.

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Always remember that it’s a big place with a relatively short recorded  history and great latent complexity.  These things always connect and  have effects on each other.  Russians believe that their fate will lead that  of the world;  its leaders also always want to be taken seriously in spite of  their country’s many self-perceived deficiencies and problems.   As well,  many Russians believe that the outside world has always deliberately  sought to keep them weakened---this so they won’t rule the world.  This,  along with the USSR’s Berlin Wall and Russia’s strong objections to a  localized Iranian missile defense system, are the most excellent examples  of its hunter/hunted, divide-and-conquer perspective, which is part of their  evolved, geographically-based, deeply-rooted hunter-gatherer (as  opposed to an agriculturally evolved, temperate)  outlook.   Russians are  the world's only evolved forest-based hunter-gatherers (H-G's), and by far  the most combatant of ALL of the world's different types of H-G's.  Unlike  other types of evolved H-G's, Russians have only begun to figure out  animal husbandry VERY recently from a historical standpoint, having  always relied on their rich forests and closely-adjacent thereto  steppe/taiga for sustenance.  As with farming, Russians still do animal  husbandry poorly, even today.  For purposes of context in this narrative,  the other significant, relatively evolved H-G types are:  1)  Slope-dwellers  such as Chechens and Kurdish, who don't seek to colonize out of their  native regions.   2)  Steppe/desert-dwellers who are too many to list; they  are all relatively pacifistic, with the same goals as slope-dwellers, except  for Iran.  Iran, with Russia's provocation and assistance, seeks to shoot its  way in every which direction all over the steppe/desert and beyond,  without any home-generated economic foundation, as its primary, stated  goal.  NOTE:  North Korea must be treated separately, and thus it appears in the Foreign Policy section. Ultimately, Russia is placed between and influenced by eastern and  western, Communism and Democracy, 1st and 3rd worlds, past and  present, intellectual and crude, religion and atheism, and  slavophile/indigenous, while its leaders must, in the eyes of their  conscribed/bribed support base, stand independent of and impartial to  foreign influence.
There are sections related to geography and history, the latter  divided into general (7 phases), as well as religious, cultural,  economic/monetary, and business history.  As well there are  numerous sections describing Russia today over a wide swath  of subjects---hopefully, there will be things for everyone,  including a short treatment of the Russian language itself.   These sections will deal with their respective histories included,  as for with most subjects, the amount of history involved covers  a short time period.  Important points/ideas will be marked with  (*KEY*).  Finally, as a form of conclusion, some general assets  and liabilities, short and long term, will be identified, along with  some predictions for the future, especially as everything now  depends on one man, Vladimir Putin, instead of on the strength  of the population seen as potential.  Hopefully, this site will  encourage digging deeper into particular areas referenced and  staying focused more on Russia in relation to current and past  events.