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CONCLUSION - 1 So, what is the deal with Iraq and weapons of mass destruction???  The  answer is (*KEY*) to relations with Russia for the present and the future.   Russia is doing a few wonderful but mostly very damaging things to our world  at the same time.  World governments always try to stress the positive so that  Russia will keep on a path of constructive engagement while realizing that it  will keep doing bad primitive hunter/gatherer-fortress things.  So world  governments strive not to overly criticize the wolves: as with Iraq and WMD’s.  Russia had defense sales/credits of 12 billion+ dollars with Iraq through 2003.   Being Iraq’s primary weapons supplier as well as being one of the few  countries in the world with WMD-manufacturing capability, it’s easy to deduce  that if Iraq had WMD’s, they would most likely be of Russian manufacture.   Prior to the American intervention, all foreign governments were given ample  notice and were given ample time to vacate their facilities as desired.  This of  course, included Russia.  Now, with all the discussion going on regarding  WMD’s, the one thing that Russia and its numerous military advisors there  would absolutely not want would be for any to be found in Iraq.  So, as a  result, these weapons most likely became a part of maybe the largest single  convoy in history, which was assembled by Russia for the purpose of exiting  with its contents un-inspected under diplomatic immunity.  Where did the  convoy go???   To Syria, which already had a well-known stock of WMD’s in  place and which would be able disseminate all of the convoy’s contents with  ease and without publicized western scrutiny.   So Russia’s role is negated under diplomatic pretense and, as with everything  else, everyone will strive to keep positive thoughts.  The Russian people  weren’t  fooled, though…..  CONCLUSION - 2 CURRENT NEWS REGARDING VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVICH PUTIN It is expected that Mr. Putin will reign well into the 3rd decade of this century.   He is the personification of a highly-evolved, end of the bell curve, Russian  hunter-gatherer.   He is not a great bear---he is THE great wolf.  His eyes  read:    1)  Target 2)  Threaten  3)  Control  Already, his “pack”, ONE RUSSIA Party (or informally, the WE ARE  CONSUMING RUSSIA Party),  has re-captured and re-consolidated the  former USSR government-based bureaucratic  crack-the-whip middle class  support structure (10-12 million or so) that used to be the same  as the actual  Communist Party membership numbers-wise.  The difference now is that this  means that there are many more crack-the-whip ONE RUSSIA members as  an overall percentage of the population, since the population is 33% less than  that of the Soviet Union.   And this core membership has had its numbers  swell integrally into the newly-refined criminal system, meaning that the  effective FUNCTIONING crack-the-whip membership has grown to about 30%  of the entire VOTING POPULATION, or say 25 million.  This means all  elections at any level can be easily rigged by the extended threat of a cracked  whip or by ballot manipulation, done even more easily than in Stalin’s time.   Always remember that 90% of the entire population is poor and very few  believe that voting is meaningful.  The recent elections could not have yielded  a total of more than 30-35% for One Russia without massive illegal  intervention; this was necessary because Putin feels that only his wolves’  votes should count.  In reality, senior citizens like the Communists while the  Pan-Slavists and Intellectuals/Idealists each have a double-digit niche as well.   These factions represent a more realistic  balance combined of 30-25-25-  20%.  Putin’s complete and total leadership means that EVERYTHING extant  as defined in this site will continue EXACTLY as before---meaning some  positive but mostly negative for its population overall.  Putin absolutely cannot  understand agri.-/animal husbandry-types, and recently has self-assessed  himself as the hardest-working Russian leader in ages; certainly, no single  wolf has ever had such a grip on such a giant pack, regardless of size.  Any  citizen outside of his pack is meaningless, a figurative consumable.  All that  matters internationally is WTO membership, so a continued jumble of soft  window dressing (pretenses of democracy) and hard-line rumbling will  continue unabated.   
The main benefactors, from a positive standpoint (external to Russia)  internationally, will be China and India, which will continue literally sucking  out Russia’s natural resources and technological research products and  strengthen while Russia’s general population weakens relatively.  Putin  will never stop believing that China is his true ally and that China really  wants to work in consort with Russia to minimize Western power---here,  Putin is in denial of his own “eastern side,” in which the reality is: Asians  are very independent of each other and NEVER work together  meaningfully.  China is at least 10 times larger than Russia population-  wise and finance-wise, and DOESN’T consider Russia (or Putin) to be an  Asian brother. Thanks to Russian assistance, Iran, N. Korea, and  Venezuela will now be more stabilized yet will take advantage of Russian  aid while using growing Chinese assistance to disengage eventually from  Russia, which can’t offer long-term guaranteed subsidies. Just like with his domestic policy to date, Putin’s foreign policy, which, out  of necessity due to financial and logistical weakness, will be to re-capture  and re-consolidate as many of the former autonomous Soviet Republics  (mainly, those which are also financially and logistically weak due to being  so near Russia’s borders and thus under constant threat) as possible to  make a stronger entity in as-yet-to-be-determined forms UNDER THE  ABSOLUTE RULE of the present RUSSIAN FEDERATION.  The intent  here will be to suck as many natural resources out of these countries as  possible while offering nothing in return financially under the guise of the  threat of military intervention disguised  as an offer of  security from  western usurpers.  Putin must wait on Georgia until after the 2014 Winter  Olympics in nearby Sochi have been completed.   A slow and long time frame involved for the above is now feasible  because of western resignation to the length of Putin’s expected reign,  which will totally discourage any further substantial western investment in  the formerly  autonomous republics---regardless, it’s a kiss of death for  them, especially for those rich with gas and/or piping systems for same  like the “STANS” (those former republics which have “stan” at the end of  their names, like UzbekiSTAN).    The main problems with this scenario are Russia’s growing weakness as a nationality within its own country and its financial weakness.  These two  combined will make it tough to implement the man-power-heavy Soviet-  style tough administration necessary, to which these former vassals had  been earlier accustomed to.   This same management style will be re-  introduced into The Russian Federation, and the masses will once again  be resigned to conscript duties to aid in the country’s “defense.”  It will  work because almost all of the poor and 70% of the middle class are just  fighting to survive and could care less about politics---a big plus for Putin,  who will strive to maintain existing conditions which will maintain such  attitudes.  When Putin says: “I must lead or Russia will fall into chaos” he  REALLY MEANS IT.  He and his “pack” know that no small group of  democratic, free-market-thinking middle-class intellectuals and poor could begin to manage or radically alter the bureaucratic governmental morass  in place now.  Does this sound decidedly non-evolutionary???  Absolutely.   Is this view shared by almost all of the poor and 70% of the middle  class???  Absolutely.  Once this step 1 has been completed, BOOLAVA will be much easier to  implement and once again, Putin  plans to view this new Russian  Federation as a super power based on mainly nuclear deterrence.  Putin  wants to withdraw the weaker masses from their heretofore mild  international perspectives and get them back into focused domestic  isolation, using their energies mainly on making Russia a military force.   The key word here is WEAK: as in the Russian work force is already  extended physically and finances are in a weak state overall.  Investing  mainly in defense and in the subjugation of the populations involved will  not yield any long-term INTERNAL result different than that of 1918 and  the early 1990’s, regardless of international military stature.  But Russia  must go on its own path.  Its leaders are different and they realize this.   It’s people really are not so different from those in the rest of the world but  they are powerless.  Both leaders and led have variations of exactly the  same mindset, so the led will go down the path prescribed for them,  regardless of circumstances, with the  comprehension that the outside  world will never understand them.  For better or worse, there is nothing  the outside world can do, because our western world is one of segmented short-term policies which, because of our higher standards of living, really  never reflect serious concern for those in other countries.   Putin has a  firm long-term policy which is substantively impervious to the world’s  foreign policies.   He has already shut Russia’s doors to the outside  world.  The iron curtain has become transparent.  The world can look in  but not touch.  Hopefully, this site will make the situation clearer.