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         Within the last 150 years, Russia/The USSR have been  subjected to the following rapid and often time-compressed  events, which were grossly underfinanced and for which they  were absolutely not prepared.  Thus, these events resulted/have  resulted in greater, comprehensively disproportionate long-term  damage rather than progress.  Notice that with the passage of  time from the onset, the events happen more and more  frequently (excluding the last successive ones).  They are:    1) 1861:  “Free” the serfs and “give” them land.      2) 1904-07:  Lose a war against Asians, weakly attempt  constitutional reform, and begin diluting the European peasant  mass by shipping many cattle-style off to Siberia by rail.     3) World War I.     4) 1918-1922: Civil War, completely stripping and degrading  the entire land mass, physically and morally.     5) 1929-1933:  Forced agricultural collectivization, forced  labor camp development, forced industrialization, and large-scale  controlled famine, all combined together.     6) 1934-1939:  Stalin’s management consolidation, The Great Terror.   7 World War II.  
8) 1991-1998:  Western Investment-Oligarch development, The Great Financial Terror---Part 1.   9) 2000-2012: Bureaucratic Financial Enrichment, The Great Financial Terror---Part 2, ongoing.