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ASSETS AND LIABILITIES CURRENT ASSETS Natural resources base for export and manufacturing High Tech potential—nano, programming, etc. Agricultural potential---land Space launching capability and potential Cheap labor force which is compliant and non-union, with rapid growth possible via immigration Potential for population growth, especially in Siberia Strong national character, strong resilient people with growing religious faith CURRENT LIABILITIES Increasing difficulty in accessing (transporting)/overdependence on natural resource bases, especially oil Severely damaged environment; expensive to repair and  affecting health of population Complete loss of conscript/slave labor base, except for young Army men Hunting-gathering, life-death, hunter-hunted, divide-and-conquer style short term analysis of everything Great-Russia sense of superiority----Tall hat, no steers Inadequate capital for the costs of maintaining society, comprehensively, short/long term Russian (nationality) population declining, population aging,
population weakening Aging, weakening and deteriorating infrastructure Weak manufacturing sector and over-reliance on importing Weakening defense systems, armed forces, and space program Agricultural production underproductive, food importing,  with a lack of change expected short term Inability to wean addiction to the productivity of,  their dependence on, and their influence over former republics and Eastern Europe (wield the sword and then put up the shield) Criminal legal, political, and economic systems incompatible outside borders Societal  health problems---alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, declining health care system (including dental), poor diet, environmental pollution, etc. Weak Church (institutionally), for those who believe that this is very important False perception of comprehensive super-power status, combined with the belief (shared by Iran and N. Korea) that nuclear capability alone commands respect On average, 30% of the population, including the middle class, wish to leave the country completely